Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 Year Old – 43%


NOSE: 23
Big sweet, fruitful sherry nose.
A little nutty note shines through with a trace hint of spices and rich fruit.

Less sherry than expected.
Some dry leathery notes present along with the nuttiness from earlier.
No sign of the fruitiness that was promised though.
Sherry re-emerges on the finish, but it’s all over rather quickly.
That christmas-cake fruitiness makes an appearance again and takes over from the dry leather of the palate.
Little to no fire carrying through.

Fair dram that comes up a little flat for what the nose hints at.
The mouth-feel is little thin, but not offensively so.
Perfectly drinkable and one of the more enjoyable Glenmorangie expressions of recent years.

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Inchgower 2002 (13 Year old) – 46% – Gordon & Macphail Connoisseurs Choice

Inchgower 2002

NOSE: 25
Next to no trace of any sort of spirit or fire.
Sherry, butter and faint demerara notes all obvious.
Hints of baked apples begin to make themselves known.
Sweet but restrained sherry influence appears straight away with the baked apples from the nose pulling through, but the demerara dying back.
Slight nuttiness hits the back of the throat, pecans maybe.
Mediocre mouth feel; not thin yet not thick.
Medium, gentle finish with resurgent butter.
Traces of nuttiness and demerara still present.
A very light, pleasurable dram – reminiscent of apple crumble after a Sunday roast.
Very easy to drink and inoffensive.
Would be interesting to taste with a slightly higher ABV to see if the finish develops a little more.
All in all a sweet, soft dram that I challenge anyone to dislike.

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Bottom of the Barrel #3: Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old

Nestled in the North-Eastern corner of the island, just down the road from Caol Ila, Bunnahabhain is unique in the fact that it is the only Islay distillery whose core range of whiskys are completely unpeated.

There is of course the Toiteach (Gaelic for smoky) expression which is heavily peated and limited releases, Moine (Gaelic for peat) and Ceobanach (Gaelic for smoky mist), but these are really exceptions to the rule.

Gaelic for foot of the river and pronounced Bunna-harven; something I learnt the hard way a few years ago in a Fort William basement bar to an audience of disgusted locals. Continue reading Bottom of the Barrel #3: Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old

Craig’s List: A Guide to Scottish Mundanity

In the world of wine you have this weird concept of the biodynamic calendar. It’s utter bullshit, but there are people who earnestly believe that some days are fruit days, and some days are root days. They say that on root days, nothing tastes good. On fruit days, everything is better. I’ve been to wine tastings where (whilst I believe this theory is bullshit) I kinda understood it. Stuff that should have been amazing just wasn’t. Today, possibly, was one of those days. 

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Glenfarclas and Cheese!

He-Man and Skeletor. Shearer and Sheringham. Hall and Oates. Pie and mash. Some things are just meant to be paired together. I have long been a fan of pairing whisky with cheese, whether that be at a dedicated tasting, or totally shitfaced, trying to apply some much needed fat/carb damage limitation, after a night of heavy drinking. So, when our great friends at the Birmingham Whisky Club announced that they had organised a whisky and cheese tasting, at The Plough in Harborne, with Glenfarclas (one of our favourite distilleries), Tom and I decided that we’d be crazy not to go along, on an otherwise drab and dreary pre-World Whisky Day Wednesday.

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Nikka & Godzilla (1954) Taste-along @ The Electric – 27.04.17

When a Nikka Whisky taste-along screening of the original 1954 production of Godzilla was announced a pause for thought was definitely not necessary.
As a big fan of Nikka, their drams and the history behind their company I was overjoyed at the announcement. Pair that with a classic of the monster movie genre and the progenitor of the whole kaiju sub-genre of films and I think I could have only been happier if there was katsu bento and gyoza waiting for me in the lobby afterwards.
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Rob B’s Speyside Spectacular

In recent months, my palate has changed. I’ll admit, this came as quite a shock to me. If you’d have told me a year or two ago that I’d have this unquenchable thirst for sherried whisky, I’d have thought you were a fool. I was so peated, I was probably about 200 ppm. So, when my better half suggested that we go back to Edinburgh in the Easter holidays, the place where our romance began, I made the less romantic suggestion of her driving me around Speyside for a couple of days, while I drank copious amounts of whisky. Luckily, she said yes! Continue reading Rob B’s Speyside Spectacular

Dalmore – shit whisky for idiots.

Think of a whisky snob.  For me it conjures up a stuffy, plummy voiced person, bespoke Saville row suit (more Gieves and Hawkes than Kilgour), lots of rules about how you have to do this or do that, they’d probably tell you that if you put ice in your whisky they’ll kill you. They’d probably do something stupid like throw whisky on the floor to “season the glass”. They’d be Robert Paterson. How is he not treated as the clown of whisky? The Ronald McDonald of Dalmore? He gave himself a nickname of “The nose” for God sake. What more does it take?!

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Rob B’s 10 to 1 – Midlands Whisky Festival

Wherever my whisky life takes me, over land or sea or foam, the Midlands Whisky Festival will always hold a special place in my heart. Not only is it the first whisky festival I ever attended and the place where so much of my whisky education has taken place, but it also holds so many memories of good times and adventures with my friends. This year’s spring offering was arguably the best one yet, for many reasons, but mainly for a host of stunning drams at every turn. Below are my ten highlights, a list which took a lot of whittling down:

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