Dead Bottle Collective are a group of friends from the West Midlands, UK who share a passion for fine whisky, good people and great times.
Having known each other since the mid-noughties, the friendships developed further once a mutual affinity for Scotch and whisky in general was discovered.
After attending numerous whisky festivals and tastings the outline of an idea began to form in the pubs and bars of Birmingham.

An outline began to coalesce.

  • To create a presence; a collective of sorts, to provide a platform for our voices and stances.
  • To be welcoming rather than elitist.
  • To provide usable information and thoughtful opinions.
  • To be honest and not shy away from rarely uttered verities.
  • To break down the pomposity that can exist within the industry.

It was on these tenets that in February 2017 the idea took form and the Dead Bottle Collective was founded.

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