NOSE: 25

Notes of freshly cracked peppercorns are immediately apparent, easily dominating your senses.
The pepper quickly tempers allowing hints of rye to come forward, alongside… possibly, cloves?
An errant, though faint, blackcurrant note appears and then vanishes.

Wheat appears strongly for some.


We start with Rice Crispies dripping with toffee. Distinctively.
Then into browned butter, coconut sugar and soft cereal grains.
After around 30 mins in the glass everything opens up and the whiskey’s coarse peppery side becomes more pronounced.
A slight hint of hazelnuts.


The pepper continues to grow and grow and grow!
Lasts forever.
Dark chocolate notes bloom out of that hazelnut hint from the palate.
Burnt toffee popcorn. Amber maple syrup.


Drawn from barrel number 311, stored in warehouse H, on rick number 7, this bottle of Blanton’s is not my first experience with the distillery, but it is my first real opportunity to own, and live with, one of it’s bottles.

A fantastic bourbon from first sip to last, Blanton’s offer a (fairly) reasonably priced NAS bourbon that should please almost anyone who enjoys at least some form of bourbon/rye.

Would I prefer a slightly higher ABV?
Probably, though how much it would actually add is debatable.

This is a pleasant sipper that has the complexity to keep you interested through it’s journey as different notes rise and fall, and evolve.

Would I buy another bottle?
Most definitely.
Although usually snapped up straight away by auction flippers, it’s by no means impossible to come by, if you’re in the right place at the right time.

For the £55 I paid it’s pretty great value for money, it’s just a shame it’s not a little more readily available, often.

P.S. Stopper Letter: A


Available from:

The Whisky Exchange Sold Out

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