Glen Elgin 10yo Moscatel Cask – 57.4% [Darkness]


NOSE: 27

Sherry, buckets of sherry.
Then the initial sherry hit breaks down and its constituents come forward; sticky figs, honeyed raisins, demerara.
Alcohol is present, but only fleetingly, and only to underpin the more characterful notes.
Enticing and a promising hint of what may be to come.


A huge hit of sherry up first, obviously.
Viscous, chewy and mouth-coating.
A little heat, noticeable but not unpleasant.
Toffee notes show up, along with honeyed fruits, hints of kirsch and possibly even, albeit briefly, aniseed/liquorice.
Seriously, so chewy.
Faint wisps of cigar tobacco rise up towards the tail end.


The finish goes on and on and on.
Straight away there is some heat in the throat, but it stops there and doesn’t follow the dram down.
A sugary oakiness is initially the most prevalent note before this gives way to treacle and hints of dark chocolate.


A big heavy-handed sherry bomb, with an air of refinement about it.
Layers of rich, sticky flavours jostle for pole position, one minute sherry, the next deep tobacco, then onto caramelised confectionary.
The moscatel is sweet but also a little drying, off-setting the juciness of the sherry well.
The high ABV is present but is tempered and handled well by the whisky.
No huge eye-watering burn, but enough fire to carry the flavour and keep you interested.

Overall heavily sherried, but beyond that very well constructed, given its relative youth.
This one won’t last long.


Available from:

Master of Malt

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