Whisky Sponge Sinks

Whisky sponge, for those unaware, is a satirical site for an industry that badly needs satirising.  They can be fairly hit and miss, but when they get it right, its really great.  Recently they launched a couple of bottlings and made a standard self deprecating, lightly amusing post to accompany them.  So far, so normal.  The post really defends itself in a way that really no-one but the author asked.  I don’t think anyone would really get on their high horse about someone releasing a couple of casks.  Their choices, a £400 glen moray and a £200 unnamed distillery were poor, in my opinion, but hey, whatever.  There’s plenty of ridiculously overpriced whisky out there and I’m too jaded to really get worked up about it.  I’m sure some sucker will buy it.  The point that did get my goat, was the attempt to justify it:

” Yes it is an expensive product, but while many prices in whisky are extravagant, it is also a product which has suffered from inherent undervaluing over many decades. Especially considering the time necessary for the characteristics of expensive whisky to develop and form.”

What a load of absolute fucking bollocks.  Whisky costs pence to make.  A barrel will set you back a hundred quid and then you leave it in a warehouse.  Any attempt to justify pricing on anything but market forces is insulting.  Yes, whisky is expensive at the moment, but that doesn’t mean its justifiable, value, or anything but a piss take.  Whisky is in no way undervalued.  A person releasing a £400 bottle of booze has no business trying to tell people how its a bargain.  Release your overpriced swill, let the suckers buy it and trade it and no-one ever drink it.  Whatever.  Just don’t ever insult me by trying to persuade me its anything but raw, dirty, late stage capitalism at play.

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