Glen Marnoch 29 Year Old – 40.0% [Aldi Festive Releases]


NOSE: 26

Baked red apples dominate with hints of icing sugar and all-butter pastry.


Those apples calm down a little allowing light oaky notes to rise up, almost soft enough to be European oak.
Vanilla is definitely present and possibly the faintest hint of maple syrup.


Very thin finish.
Quickly dissipates to leave next to nothing on the taste buds.

Vanilla is still there and is the most forthright of the notes.
A small hint of honey is there if you can catch it.


A very easy to drink, Autumnal dram.
A little thin, but what do you expect at 40% ABV?
The nose carries this dram in my opinion as the palate isn’t quite strong enough to wow you; the flavours are good but there just isn’t enough of each of them.
No indication of region on the label but I would hazard a guess at Speyside and I’d say it has a lot of characteristics in common with Longmorn‘s output – definitely not a bad thing.


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