Aldi Festive Releases 2018

You’d never think it would you? A non-top-tier supermarket having a huge age statement single malt of their own?
Why would you?
Until last year, I wouldn’t have believed it either until both Tom and Rob B convinced me to pick up a bottle of Glen Marnoch 28 Year Old (for £39.99 from Aldi).
Expecting wholeheartedly to have wasted my money I arrived home and poured myself a timid measure.

Mind. Blown.


Hugely sherried, big and fruity, and at the price point it was available at, an absolute dream in a glass.
I couldn’t quite believe it.
I’d tried another bottle of Glen Marnoch in the previous Summer, their NAS Islay expression and was quite disappointed (I recently re-tried it and was actually pleasantly surprised, god knows what was going on with my taste buds in July 2016), but this, this was a fucking revelation!
It was everything you could want from a sherry bomb, minus the cask strength kick.

Over Christmas and New Year 2016 I sipped my way through 2 bottles of this wonderful stuff – finishing my second bottle off on New Years eve in the village of Comrie, in the Scottish Highlands.

I took Aldi whisky… to Scotland.

After last year’s phenomenal offering, all 3 of us have been slowly becoming more and more excited about what gem would be unveiled in 2017; and last year was no fluke.
But then how could it be?
There were stories of podgy middle-aged men queuing up outside Aldis nationwide to grab bottles of this limited release stunner, stories of scuffles in the aisles over the last bottles left (as each store only had a limited allocation), stories of bottles garnering £100-plus bids on auction sites.

We waited for 10 months, and then news broke.

It was announced that there would be 2 limited release single malt whiskies on offer in the run up to Christmas:

  • Glen Marnoch 28 Year Old
  • Irish Reserve 26 Year Old

Both of these bottles can be purchased for £39.99 each.

So there we have it.
An extra year in age for this year’s Scotch and an Irish whiskey that’s nearly as old.

It’s astounding value for money (even if they’re both a miserly 40% ABV) and I thought it rude not to pick up one of each and see how they fared.


Glen Marnoch 29 Year Old

Irish Reserve 26 Year Old


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