Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 Year Old – 43%


NOSE: 23
Big sweet, fruitful sherry nose.
A little nutty note shines through with a trace hint of spices and rich fruit.

Less sherry than expected.
Some dry leathery notes present along with the nuttiness from earlier.
No sign of the fruitiness that was promised though.
Sherry re-emerges on the finish, but it’s all over rather quickly.
That christmas-cake fruitiness makes an appearance again and takes over from the dry leather of the palate.
Little to no fire carrying through.

Fair dram that comes up a little flat for what the nose hints at.
The mouth-feel is little thin, but not offensively so.
Perfectly drinkable and one of the more enjoyable Glenmorangie expressions of recent years.


I’ve never really gotten along with Glenmorangie.

Back in my early days of drinking whisky I hovered around what I’ve come to think of as the pub glens: Glenlivet, Glenmorangie and Glenfiddich.

I liked Glenlivet, didn’t mind Glenfiddich but could not for the life of me get to grips with Glenmorangie. It wasn’t that it was horrible or anything, it just didn’t gel well with my palate.

Due to this I’ve steered clear of Glenmorangie’s whiskies for a couple of years now, hoping my palate would reset. I couldn’t resist any more though; with the likes of Lasanta, Quinta Ruban and the sweet-shop packaging encased Milsean I had to dip my toe back into the waters.

I missed out on the Quinta Ruban at this Springs Midland Whisky Festival and haven’t seen either of the other 2 around until yesterday while in a local hostelry. Torn between the Lasanta 12 and a Scapa 16 I opted for the Glen.

The Whisky Exchange sells it for £48.35 a bottle, so it’s not exorbitantly priced, but I suppose I would expect a bit of a richer flavour for the money and the fact that it has both PX and Oloroso sherry cask involvement. Reading reviews online earlier today though everyone else seems to have found that depth that I thought was lacking; maybe the bottle I tried had been open too long and air had weakened it’s profile? Given the chance, I’d love to try a freshly opened bottle at some point and compare notes.


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