Allow me to set the scene: Whisky Birmingham, March 2016. Tom and I are at the Springbank stand and we’re treated to an ‘under the counter’ dram, brought by our man for lucky people like us. He went on to explain that this was a new release from the distillery called Local Barley – a 16 year old, retailing at around £90. Blown away was an understatement. Shortbread and fudge, with a hint of smoke. Stunning. “But don’t expect to be able to buy one. Not for under £120.” This was only weeks after the release. Good luck finding one for under £160 now. Yet, I regularly talk to people who have never tried it, despite the 9000 bottle release. Fast-forward to February 2017. Springbank issue this statement:


I’ve tried for two days to source a bottle. What’s the betting I can buy one on an auction site next month for £150?

I know there’s nothing wrong with making money and people are free to do whatever they please with their own purchases. Just give a little thought to the whisky drinkers. The ones who want to buy a drink, to err…drink??


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