Jim Murray can fuck off

“If any of my staff have anything remotely like a cold, they come nowhere near me. If I pop over to the pub, the landlord will tell me if someone has a cold and I’ll walk out. I don’t even have sex during this time because from kissing you can pick up something, so it’s really miserable.”

Really Jim? Do us all a favour and just fuck off. Fuck right off. Let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before you disappear up your own arsehole anyway, praise be.

Link here if you think you can stomach his bullshit, I give you 20 lines before you want to smash the screen.

2 thoughts on “Jim Murray can fuck off”

    1. Brilliant. Not only do you thrash an industry star, you then link to his work. Can’t Wait to read more. You need an about page. Cheers!


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